Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Comment on Fleur’s giveaway video

Some background info:
Fleur is a youtube beauty guru who has inspired me to pay more attention to cosmetics and the wonderful things that they can do for you. I’m not going to go into to much detail as I plan to do future blogs on beauty.

Basically the point of this blog is to comment on Fleur’s giveaway video however my comment was too long to publish on youtube. Another reason I’ve posted it on my blog is because her videos have been very inspiring to me, so maybe they would inspire you lot out there too? So also gives great and honest reviews.

Check her out on youtube 
She also has Twitter, Facebook a blog and a vlog, all of which links can be found on her youtube page.  

For her 100,000 subscriber giveaway video visit here
[Will close on the 31st may 2011]

As I was watching Fleur’s giveaway video, she was literally ticking things off that have been on my wish list for a while. As being sans youtube channel, I thought that now would be the prefect time to get started. I’ve been putting it off for pretty much years due to lack of confidence. So today, literally as I was writing this*, I decided that my youtube/blog will be about how to gain confidence, creating self-awareness, and all that type of stuff, as I go about trying to get some for myself as just ‘doing nothing’ hasn’t helped over the years.  

For the video idea I had, as Fleur De Force is a beauty channel, I thought that it would be really good to have a video on ‘beauty’. When looking up ‘beauty’ in my trusty little dictionary/thesaurus, words like ‘attractiveness’, ‘loveliness’, and ‘gorgeousness’ pop up. These words to me describe how one should feel about oneself. Yet many, if not most women (and men) lack in this area. In my mind, this is a cause directly related to a lack of self-esteem. My point being: confidence/self-esteem = beauty. Yes a good skincare regime and make-up can aid in gaining confidence, however most of it has to come from within.

Getting to the point, I think it would be very refreshing if a beauty guru, such as Fleur, would do a video on self-confidence. Maybe by talking about past experiences, how confidence that they are personally, how they gain confidence, what they do as a ‘pick-me-up’ when feeling a little low etc.

*This youtube comment was written before I even made my new youtube and blog sites. It’s this comment that got the ball rolling. 


I’ve wanted to start a blog and youtube channel for a while now but always put it off for two reasons. The first reasons being simply that I had no clue what I wanted to do it on, and secondly I’ve never really had the confidence. Then this morning it hit me like a tone of bricks, not literally because that would be quite painful, but metaphorically speaking.

My lack of confidence has been with me for as long as I can remember and to date I’ve never really done much about it. I started thinking about how many more people were out there like myself and how beneficial it would be to know how to boost self-esteem. So that is what this blog will be about, how I’ve gone about combating self-confidence and how others can too.

How I’m going to go about it is a different matter altogether. It won’t resemble a ‘how-to’ guide, as gaining confidence is not an easy task to endeavour. I probably will be including ‘physical topics’ such as beauty, health and fitness, nutrition, etc as well as ‘metal topics’ such as feelings, views and opinions, learning disabilities etc. plus other topics such as daily experiences. Basically anything that I find could affects ones confidence will be blogged about at some point.

This blog will be very light hearted, I’m not an expert in psychology nor do I claim to be. In fact I have very little knowledge in the subject. All this blog aims to do is create my own perspective on the subject, which will hopefully be beneficial to myself and to others.